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About Review University for Nurses, Inc.

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Established in 1991, Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) was founded by a group of nurse educators whose primary goal is to enhance the cognitive and test taking competence of Filipino nurses, both in local and international settings through a very thorough and comprehensive review of all subjects covered in National (PNLEx) and International Nursing Examinations (CGFNS, US NCLEX-RN). In this manner, R.U.N. assists the Filipino nurses achieve professional and financial self suffiency and stability.

Our Philosophy

As a private institution, the Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) subscribes to the philosophy of both Nursing and Nursing Education that believes in:

  • Man.  Man as a bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual individual whose health depends on the total integrity of all its humanistic aspects and whose behavior thinking and feeling are greatly affected by his health.
  • Family.  Man is deeply rooted in his family which is the basic unit of society and the basic unit of service of Nursing. The family greatly influences the individual in all aspects of life.
  • Community.  The family is situated in the community and it comprises the goal society. The society’s characteristics are a composite of the beliefs, values, traditions and cultures of a group of families.
  • Nursing.  Nursing as a profession seeks to assist Man, his family and the community, where he belongs in the attainment, maintenance and promotion of health prevention of diseases and disabilities, immediate diagnoses and treatment of diseases and disabilities and restoration of health to its optimum level of function.
  • Nursing Education.  Nursing Education plays a major role in molding the future professional nurse towards acquisition of correct and appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude require for a professional nurse in the care of clients both in illness and wellness.

The Review University for Nurses, Inc. supports and strengthens the philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Education in the Philippines in conducting a systematic guidance to the student during the period of education and training toward the fullest development of the intellectual, emotions, moral, physical, and social aspects of the nurse, after graduation from an accredited College of Nursing in the Country.

Our Thrust

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is our response to a world-wide need for qualified nurses and midwives in the local and international settings through the development of test proficiency in the Local Nurse and Midwifery Licensure Examinations, CGFNS, and U.S. NCLEX-RN Examinations.

 HONOR and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT are focused as integrating ingredients in a wholistic development of nurses and midwives.

Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) was established in 1991out of a need for a comprehensive and quality nursing review by thousands of Nursing graduates in the early 90’s.

R.U.N. started with12 CGFNS reviewees in January, 1991 in a rented venue at Arellano University main campus in Legarda St., Manila for the March, 1991 CGFNS Exams. It was also at a small rented room in the same venue where the first office of R.U.N. was established in January of 1991. The good passing percentage of the first batch and the satisfactory review services must have spread by “words of mouth” to nurses, that by July and November CGFNS exams of that year, R.U.N. has increased its number of CGFNS reviewees to hundreds. R.U.N. had since then conducted CGFNS reviews with results of “flying colors”, with satisfied nurses referring friends, relatives and acquaintances to R.U.N. for CGFNS-US NCLEX-RN review needs up to the present times.

In preparation for the June, 1991 local Nurses Board Examinations, R.U.N. conducted its first local review, by popular demands, from the graduating students of Arellano University College of Nursing Class ’91. After 5 pm daily classes were conducted starting February and daily 8-5 pm classes in summer, 1991. The results was astonishingly encouraging with 75% passing percentage from Class ’91 of the AUCN members who reviewed with R.U.N. and 2 AUCN reviewees making it to the top 20 list of successful examinees. That review season also saw 2 more reviewees from Centro Escolar University in the top 20 list of the PRC. For the June, 1991 local board exams for nurses, R.U.N. had more than 600 reviewees from Metro Manila schools and as far as Iriga City (UNEP). In 1992, R.U.N. transferred its office and venue at the present location, the PUP Hasmin Hostel Building at R. Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila, conducting as many as 20 simultaneous review classes for the local Nurse Licensure Exams.

Demand for R.U.N. review services has spread to provinces from the Ilocos region in the North, Central Luzon colleges of Nursing, Regions IV and V and Cebu and Bohol in the Visayas. In 1998, R.U.N. review classes were conducted for the first time in Cebu City with Cebu State College of Nursing students as its major client. The very high passing rate and the topnotchers produced had encouraged R.U.N. to put its satellite office at P. Del Rosario St, beside University of San Carlos. The Cebu City office moved to another location in 2000 to TEOFEL Building in Junquera Extension. In 2005, the R.U.N. -Cebu office was moved to its present location at Jones Avenue.

In 2005, R.U.N. Reviews was brought for the first time to Butuan City and CDO, with Fr. Saturnino Urios College students. In 2008, R.U.N. has established satellite offices at Butuan City and Tabaco City for easy accessibility to students in the provincial locations.

The high passing percentages of schools under R.U.N.’s care has inspired the R.U.N. Staff, management and lecturers to continue its review services for the young Filipino Midwifery and Nursing graduates and professionals who want to spread their wings to other places and destinations by passing their exams fast and qualifying for nurse-positions world-wide.

R.U.N. Review graduates are now successfully working in different parts of the country and the world, thus, helping in the Philippine economy.

Our Mission

To continually and consistently uphold Honor and Excellence in the conduct of a comprehensive and high quality review of Nursing and Midwifery concepts made accessible to the less privileged.

Our Vision

The Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) will be the premier review school for the local and international Nursing examinations for Quality Nursing and Midwifery reviews for the Filipino Nurses and midwives.

The Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) will be the epitome of nursing reviews.

The Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) will be the byword in Nursing reviews as it envisions its Nursing reviewees successfully passing even the most difficult exams both in the National and International fronts.

Our Aims

To assist the students of Nursing and Midwifery in the holistic integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes previously learned from the satisfactory completion of their respective curricula in tertiary education through:

  • continual development of the intellect to be made possible by a comprehensive review of the substantive content of the Nursing and Midwifery Curriculum and application of test-taking skills towards exam proficiency.
  • continual strengthening of will and of the emotions as they learn to tackle problem-solving and stress management techniques in the course of their preparation for their respective licensure and qualifying examinations.
  • continual development of character and personality as they strive to imbibe themselves of sound intellectual, moral, and professional judgment, as they prepare for their roles as professionals.
Our Objectives
  • To provide Midwifery and Nursing reviewees with a highly comprehensive and extensive review of knowledge necessary to successfully hurdle their respective licensure and qualifying examinations.
  • To imbue students with the determination for achievement and excellence in their respective professions.
  • To enhance growth of Professionalism in Nursing and Midwifery in the country by strengthening the desirable moral and ethical conduct and behavior in their future professional roles.
  • To contribute to the attainment of the National Development Goals thru an effective manpower development.

Facilities and Equipments

Review Venue Fixtures
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms
  • Adequate toileting facilities
  • Classroom chairs with armrests
  • Wide white boards
  • Overhead projectors-transparencies documents
  • LCD/DLP Projectors
  • Audio Equipments (amplifiers, speakers, microphones)
  • Emergency Fire Exits
  • Bright daylight lighting, emergency lights
  • Fire extinguishers
Library Facilities
  • We have a library on the 3rd floor of the St. Charles’ Building
Dormitory Facilities
  • There are several dormitories within walking distance of the center.


RUN drastically changed how I viewed Nursing. From something that we all had to read and memorize straight out of a text book, or some routine that we had to do every duty, RUN, for me, made studying Nursing a dynamic, interactive activity. Critical thinking, test taking strategies, essential facts, and interactive learning makes the RUN experience very worthwhile. The coordinators, lecturers and other reviewees left a lasting impression upon me, and I will cherish that forever. With RUN, I really got what I paid for: QUALITY LEARNING. RUN may not claim that it is the best, but for people who have gone through the RUN Experience, RUN ROCKS! So guys, Are You In? RUN na!

John Robert Cruz, R.N.

12th Placer, Board Passer July 2011 NLE AMA East Rizal College Of Nursing

Review University for Nurses (RUN)...
This humble institution was known to many as a review center; for me, it is more aptly be considered a university. Truly a pillar of the nursing profession in the Philippines; They had been honing hundreds of minds for the last two decades.

PASSIONATE is the magic word! Only lecturers from RUN would stay as late as 8:00 in the evening! Their expertise is admirable - "Walking Brunners". I could say I suffered some degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder; unknowingly, they thought me how to be OC. A self-confessed lax and not the too-studious-type of student being flaunted as a constant latecomer, RUN gave me a different perspective of learning.

This is what RUN taught me:
LOVING THE BASICS - being knowledgeable on the foundations and basic principles of Nursing.
PERSISTENCE - Hahaha! I could not believe I could memorize such normal values, drugs and their antidotes, the hallmark signs and symptoms...andami!
STUDY WITH A TWIST - Make mnemonics and techniques. This really helps and I must say I have made my own mnemonics and it's really a mind cheat.
ANALYZE - I have not read that much. Surprisingly, in the exams, COMMON SENSE is the name of the game. Salamat sa drills at test taking strategies!
SYNTHESIZE - Facts and bits of facts, mind-boggling and draining my brain power. I realize I just need to understand the relationship of concepts since everything is connected. Hehehe, sounds like Buddhist but true.

Holistic review? Quality review na hindi bubutasin ang bulsa mo? I am saying, sa RUN ka tumakbo!

Allan Insigne Morales, R.N.

13th Placer, Board Passer July 2011 NLE Rizal Technological University

I am a student of University of Perpetual Help System - Binan, Laguna and our in-house review center was R.U.N (Review University for Nurses). On those review days, I was once a student who has completed the attendance ever since we started our course audit to intensive review up to the final coaching. R.U.N never failed me. All the things I ought to know were given and taught by the best lecturers they have. They guided us all throughout the review, gave us support mentally, emotionally and spiritually with all their perseverance. I would also like to acknowledge the coordinators of R.U.N. who instilled in us the discipline, giving us updates, and who are willing to stay late for the group study. Thanks R.U.N for your incomparable dedication for us to grow, for us to achieve goals, and above all, to put God always in the center of everything we do. All these teachings made a mark on our minds and hearts. BRAVO R.U.N.

Sheena Blessamae Tadeo Fernandez, R.N.

Board Passer, July 2011 NLE University of Perpetual Help System - Binan


No Advertisement, No promotions, pero pinili pa din namin na dito magreview. Tila tradisyon na sa school namin ang dito magreview, at muli hindi kami nabigo. 🙂 Salamat R.U.N.! Sa lahat ng lecturers, at coordinators! I really learned a lot. I'm enjoying while learning. I'm promoting RUN sa iba kong kaibigan sa lower batch. Syempre saan ka pa ba? e di dun na sa SUBOK NA! I LOVE YOU RUN! mwaah! mwaah!

Angelique Navarro Santos, R.N.

Board Passer , December 2010 NLE Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila