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RUN drastically changed how I viewed Nursing. From something that we all had to read and memorize straight out of a text book, or some routine that we had to do every duty, RUN, for me, made studying Nursing a dynamic, interactive activity. Critical thinking, test taking strategies, essential facts, and interactive learning makes the RUN experience very worthwhile. The coordinators, lecturers and other reviewees left a lasting impression upon me, and I will cherish that forever. With RUN, I really got what I paid for: QUALITY LEARNING. RUN may not claim that it is the best, but for people who have gone through the RUN Experience, RUN ROCKS! So guys, Are You In? RUN na!

John Robert Cruz, R.N.
12th Placer, Board Passer July 2011 NLE
AMA East Rizal College Of Nursing

Review University for Nurses (RUN)...
This humble institution was known to many as a review center; for me, it is more aptly be considered a university. Truly a pillar of the nursing profession in the Philippines; They had been honing hundreds of minds for the last two decades.

PASSIONATE is the magic word! Only lecturers from RUN would stay as late as 8:00 in the evening! Their expertise is admirable - "Walking Brunners". I could say I suffered some degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder; unknowingly, they thought me how to be OC. A self-confessed lax and not the too-studious-type of student being flaunted as a constant latecomer, RUN gave me a different perspective of learning.

This is what RUN taught me:
LOVING THE BASICS - being knowledgeable on the foundations and basic principles of Nursing.
PERSISTENCE - Hahaha! I could not believe I could memorize such normal values, drugs and their antidotes, the hallmark signs and symptoms...andami!
STUDY WITH A TWIST - Make mnemonics and techniques. This really helps and I must say I have made my own mnemonics and it's really a mind cheat.
ANALYZE - I have not read that much. Surprisingly, in the exams, COMMON SENSE is the name of the game. Salamat sa drills at test taking strategies!
SYNTHESIZE - Facts and bits of facts, mind-boggling and draining my brain power. I realize I just need to understand the relationship of concepts since everything is connected. Hehehe, sounds like Buddhist but true.

Holistic review? Quality review na hindi bubutasin ang bulsa mo? I am saying, sa RUN ka tumakbo!

Allan Insigne Morales, R.N.
13th Placer, Board Passer July 2011 NLE
Rizal Technological University

I am a student of University of Perpetual Help System - Binan, Laguna and our in-house review center was R.U.N (Review University for Nurses). On those review days, I was once a student who has completed the attendance ever since we started our course audit to intensive review up to the final coaching. R.U.N never failed me. All the things I ought to know were given and taught by the best lecturers they have. They guided us all throughout the review, gave us support mentally, emotionally and spiritually with all their perseverance. I would also like to acknowledge the coordinators of R.U.N. who instilled in us the discipline, giving us updates, and who are willing to stay late for the group study. Thanks R.U.N for your incomparable dedication for us to grow, for us to achieve goals, and above all, to put God always in the center of everything we do. All these teachings made a mark on our minds and hearts. BRAVO R.U.N.

Sheena Blessamae Tadeo Fernandez, R.N.
Board Passer, July 2011 NLE
University of Perpetual Help System - Binan


No Advertisement, No promotions, pero pinili pa din namin na dito magreview. Tila tradisyon na sa school namin ang dito magreview, at muli hindi kami nabigo. :) Salamat R.U.N.! Sa lahat ng lecturers, at coordinators! I really learned a lot. I'm enjoying while learning. I'm promoting RUN sa iba kong kaibigan sa lower batch. Syempre saan ka pa ba? e di dun na sa SUBOK NA! I LOVE YOU RUN! mwaah! mwaah!

Angelique Navarro Santos, R.N.
Board Passer , December 2010 NLE
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

I've never dreamed of walking on a red carpet yesterday at SMX. I'm really nervous when the BON called me to lead the Nightingale pledge. When I stood in front of a thousand people, a thousand colleagues . Thank you so much for everything R.U.N. family. Hindi kailangan ng bonggang bonggang advertisement sa tv, billboard, newspaper, tarpaulin, AS LONG AS ALAM NATING LAHAT KUNG SINO ANG TALAGANG NAKATULONG SA ATIN DURING THOSE TIMES NA NGARAG TAYO FOR BOARD EXAMS..!!!

I really believe that students don't go to a review center only to pass the boards, because BOARD EXAMS is the right time to show the BEST you can be. If you want to make it, you must R..U..N for it..

Dennis Gonzales Duran, R.N.
8th Placer, Board Passer, December 2010 NLE
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

No matter how much I try to put these little words together, I can never ever describe how grateful I am to have chosen Review University for Nurses as my review center.and my second home.

RUN was a "never-heard" for me. No billboards, no commercials, no promotions. I doubted it at first, like a little girl talking to a stranger. But I have always kept that little faith I have in my heart which later on brought me to choosing RUN.

Its sets of lecturers are exceptional! Credible! Top caliber! They are lecturers with outstanding backgrounds and credentials.experts in their own field. You can never go wrong if you choose these people.

The coordinators are not just simply coordinators. They are our friends, the shoulders when we needed to cry, our laughter buddies, and our supporters. the people who never stopped believing in us, never got tired of reminding us to go beyond our limits and never ever doubted our potentials.

The two wonderful people that I will never ever forget, Mrs. Bulanadi and Mrs. Canete.. Thank you for holding on to us, when we almost gave up; for believing in us when we almost lost faith in ourselves and for inspiring us when we almost got distracted. I am so blessed to have met such wonderful people. You inspire me!

Aside from the top quality review classes I attended, RUN also gave me the opportunity to meet new friends, develop a new home and most importantly... it gave me the chance to reunite with my Lord. In RUN, we don't just review together, we also pray together, we believe together, we run for our dreams together and we succeed together.

I can never ever thank RUN enough for helping me become the person I am right now. Sa lahat ng bumubuo ng RUN, maliit man o malaking parte ka, salamat sa iyo. Isa ka sa bumuo ng puzzle ng pangarap ko.

Faith is like everyday riding in a bus, not knowing if the driver would take you safely to where you are headed. I had faith. and I've reached my destination. I never knew RUN can change my life, and I am beyond grateful because it actually did. :)

RUN FAMILY...hear my heart, it beats for you.
I was once a RUNner, and I will forever be!

Agatha Christy Romero Serapion , R.N.
Board Passer December 2010 NLE
Metropolitan Medical Center - College Of Arts & Sciences (MMC - CAST)

Extra special ang R.U.N. para sakin.. Samin ng Mommy ko..

December niya ko pinakuha ng board exam dahil gusto talaga na masimulan ko ang review ng RUN. Maganda kasi ang mga naririning niya bout sa RUN, sad to say wala akong naisama na schoolmates ko sa R.U.N. kundi ang sarili ko lang, pag sinasabi kong sa R.U.N. ako mag rereview clueless sila about R.U.N.

Kaya sa commercialized review center sila nagreview, but still i stick to where i belong, dito sa R.U.N. naramdaman ko ang support as a family, magagaling na lecturers, at maasikasong mga coordinators. Nagustuhan ko ung set up na per section ang lecture, kaya madali kong naiintindihan, kahit mag isa lang ako at walang barkada, hindi ako nahirapan maghanap ng friends, nag improve ang personality ko at ang study habits ko. Hindi ako perfect reviewee, sabi nung iba, wala naman daw sa review center yun, nasa student, pero i believe my factor talaga ang Review Center. Dito ko na-gain ang self confidence to pass the exam. Pero siyempre ang pinakamahalaga pa din ung divine guidance. Thank you RUN for helping me grow and reach my dream.

Grace Anne Bago Marcos, R.N.
Board Passer December 2010 NLE
Siena College-Taytay

Review University For Nurses ( R.U.N.)

This Incomparable Institution helped me get over that last hurdle in my professional career - the Nurse Licensure Exam.

R.U.N. is my partner in learning in acing and facing the Nurse Licensure Examination, I became one step closer in REACHING my Dream.. Dream of Becoming a Competent Registered Nurse, and that Dream is now a Reality.

A lot of Review Centers flaunt advertisements and accomplishments during our time, and they sound a bit pristine with it, but still our school chose R.U.N. as our In House Review Center, R.U.N. provided a different approach for the review classes, An enjoyable, family oriented, god centered atmosphere while learning, with maintained credibility, good track record, innovative teaching methods, and excellent review instructors.

R.U.N. even had a big impact in my personality, Discipline, Time Management, & Focus are just some for me to mention.

All the sleepless nights of individual review, group studies, and rationalizations all paid off, and a plus for the tips, techniques and test taking strategies we learned from them.

R.U.N. may not claim that it's the best among hundredths of centers but if you are looking for a center that packs the most bang for the money you spend that will help you achieve your dreams and make you a better person.. R.U.N. is the "REAL THING" when it comes to Nursing Review.

'U' Can be the Next R.N. with R.U.N.
Why settle for less? R.U.N. now..!
You've got the power to RUN.:D

John Nico Bernal Ronquillo, R.N.
Board Passer , November 2009 NLE
San Sebastian College Recoletos De Cavite Inc.

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