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Local Nurse Licensure Review


Part I      Introduction to the Review

1.  Orientation


•  To the NLEx


•  To the Review Program


2.  Test Taking Skills and Test Taking Application


3.  Pre-Test and Rationales

Part II     Lecture Series

1.  Fundamentals of Nursing

 16 hrs

2.  Professional Adjustment

 16 hrs

3.  Research, Leadership and Management

 16 hrs

4.  Pharmacology in Nursing

 12 hrs

5.  Community Health Nursing

 16 hrs

6.  Communicable/Infectious Disease Nursing

 16 hrs

7.  Obstetric/Gynecology Nursing

 16 hrs

8.  Pediatric Nursing

 16 hrs

9.  Psychiatric Nursing

 16 hrs

10. Anatomy and Physiology

 16 hrs

11. Medical and Surgical Nursing

 124 hrs
  •  Homeostasis, Stress, Adap., Pain
12 hrs
  •  Growth and Dev. Milestones: Adults
4 hrs
  •  Fluids and Electrolytes
24 hrs
  •  Respiratory Nursing
8 hrs
  •  Cardiovascular Nursing
8 hrs
  •  Hematology and Lymphatics
8 hrs
  •  GIT Nursing
8 hrs
  •  GUT Nursing
8 hrs
  •  Endocrine Nursing
8 hrs
  •  Neurologic/Rehab. Nursing
8 hrs
  •  EENT Nursing
4 hrs
  •  Musculoskeletal Nursing
 4 hrs
  •  Surgical Nursing
8 hrs
  •  Integumentary Nursing
 4 hrs
  •  Emergency, Triage, Disaster Nursing
 4 hrs
  •  Oncology Nursing
 4 hrs
Note:  Additional Focusing Lectures in the form of Intensive Review are given for the early reviewees in preparation for the November NLEx.
Part III     Test Drill Series and Rationales

1.   Initial (1st round) Test Drills (and Rationales)


2.  Mastery Exams - Second Round of Post Tests


Note:  Second round of post tests given as time permits.

 Part IV    Intensive Review
Focusing Lectures and Rationales. Given only for the early reviewees of the November exams
 Part V     Integrated Test Drills and Rationales
(including rationales to past board exams)
 Note: Complete past board rationales as time permits.  
 Part VI   Final Coaching (Pre-Board Exams and Rationales)  
* Extended review maybe availed of by specific groups.  
  1. For the November NLEx reviewees, a second and third round of Post Tests and Rationales and Intensive focusing lectures are added to the early review classes (June, July and August), with no additional fees.
  2. Classes maybe customized for specific groups.


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