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About Us


      Established in 1991, Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) was founded by a group of nurse educators whose primary goal is to enhance the cognitive and test taking competence of Filipino nurses, both in local and international settings through a very thorough and comprehensive review of all subjects covered in National (PNLEx) and International Nursing Examinations (CGFNS, US NCLEX-RN). In this manner, R.U.N. assists the Filipino nurses achieve professional and financial self suffiency and stability.


       As a private institution, the Review University for Nurses, Inc. (R.U.N.) subscribes to the philosophy of both Nursing and Nursing Education that believes in:
  • Man.  Man as a bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual individual whose health depends on the total integrity of all its humanistic aspects and whose behavior thinking and feeling are greatly affected by his health.
  • Family.  Man is deeply rooted in his family which is the basic unit of society and the basic unit of service of Nursing. The family greatly influences the individual in all aspects of life.
  • Community.  The family is situated in the community and it comprises the goal society. The society’s characteristics are a composite of the beliefs, values, traditions and cultures of a group of families.
  • Nursing.  Nursing as a profession seeks to assist Man, his family and the community, where he belongs in the attainment, maintenance and promotion of health prevention of diseases and disabilities, immediate diagnoses and treatment of diseases and disabilities and restoration of health to its optimum level of function.
  • Nursing Education.  Nursing Education plays a major role in molding the future professional nurse towards acquisition of correct and appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude require for a professional nurse in the care of clients both in illness and wellness.

       The Review University for Nurses, Inc. supports and strengthens the philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Education in the Philippines in conducting a systematic guidance to the student during the period of education and training toward the fullest development of the intellectual, emotions, moral, physical, and social aspects of the nurse, after graduation from an accredited College of Nursing in the Country.


       ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE is our response to a world-wide need for qualified nurses and midwives in the local and international settings through the development of test proficiency in the Local Nurse and Midwifery Licensure Examinations, CGFNS, and U.S. NCLEX-RN Examinations.

       HONOR and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT are focused as integrating ingredients in a wholistic development of nurses and midwives.

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